The 5 Top Tech Companies in Houston, Texas and How They Use IT to Succeed

Houston, Texas, is not just about oil and gas anymore; it’s rapidly becoming a hotspot for technology companies. However, despite the growth, many companies are not fully leveraging Information Technology (IT) to its fullest potential. 

According to a report by Deloitte, only 42% of companies believe they are doing enough to meet digital challenges

“In an era where technology drives all businesses, companies not investing in IT are rapidly falling behind their competition  and losing profitability,” ~John Hougen, Vice President & General Manager at CITOC, Inc.

In this blog, we will delve into the top tech companies in Houston and explore how they leverage IT to achieve unparalleled success.

1. Air Liquide: Pioneering Industrial Solutions

Size and Global Presence

Air Liquide is one of the largest tech companies in Houston with more than 10,000 employees worldwide.

Core Services

Their services range from industrial production to gas and chemical management, as well as engineering and construction management.

The IT Factor

Air Liquide relies heavily on automation and data analytics. According to McKinsey, companies that invest in analytics can increase their productivity by up to 33%. Air Liquide is a prime example of this, using IT to optimize engineering processes and new energy solutions.

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2. Aspen Technology: Maximizing Performance in Chemical Engineering

Company Overview

Aspen Technology is a medium-sized company specializing in performance management and asset optimization.

Innovative Solutions

They use machine learning and AI to identify innovative possibilities in process simulation, modelling, and optimization.

IT’s Contribution to SuccessThe company’s software solutions are a testament to how IT can revolutionize chemical engineering. A study by Gartner shows that AI can reduce operational costs by 20% in this sector.

3. BMC Software: Redefining Business Technologies

Who They Are

BMC Software is a big tech company in Houston with 5,001-10,000 employees.

What They Offer

They provide tech solutions related to security management, multi-cloud cost, application performance, and cloud migration.

Innovation Through IT

BMC Software prides itself on an innovative and collaborative work environment. Their IT solutions have led to a 15% increase in business efficiency, as per a report by Forrester.

CompanyCore IT UseBroader Impact of IT
Air LiquideData AnalyticsOptimized Engineering Processes
Aspen TechnologyAI & MLEnhanced Process Simulation
BMC SoftwareCloud SolutionsImproved Business Efficiency
CogniteAutomationStreamlined Infrastructure Projects
Cybersoft TechnologiesSoftware SolutionsSimplified Employee Management

4. Cognite: Technological Solutions for Infrastructure

Brief History

Founded in 2016, Cognite has quickly become one of the top tech companies in Houston.

Core Services

They focus on developing technological solutions for infrastructure projects.

Role of IT

IT is central to their business model, allowing them to automate specific tasks and increase overall efficiency. According to IDC, automation can lead to a 20% reduction in operational costs.

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5. Cybersoft Technologies: Software Solutions for Big Clients

Company Size

Cybersoft Technologies is among the biggest tech companies in Houston, with 5,001-10,000 employees.

Products and Services

They provide software solutions for Fortune 500 companies, city agencies, and K-12 school districts.

IT’s Role in Success

Their IT solutions have helped clients organize and simplify employee management, contributing to a 25% increase in productivity, as cited by a Harvard Business Review study.

Top Tech Companies in Houston

Make Effective Use of IT Like the Biggest Tech Companies in Houston with CITOC as Your IT Partner

IT is not just an add-on; it’s a business enabler. These Houston technology companies have shown that effective use of IT can lead to increased productivity, reduced costs, and overall business success. 

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