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Put an End to Downtime With One of the Top IT Companies in Houston

Gain a competitive advantage with award-winning business solutions from a premier IT services company in Houston.

Why choose CITOC as your IT company in Houston?

  • Access a full range of managed services from a trusted technology company that acts as your one-stop shop.
  • Return to work faster with support from Level 2 and higher engineers backed by an avg. 30-minute resolution time.
  • Mitigate the latest threats with advanced security that features MDR, dark web monitoring and more.
  • Know that your IT is always in capable hands with dedicated support from a Technical Alignment Manager.
  • Prevent misaligned technology with expert insight, custom roadmaps, and IT strategy development from a vCIO.

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IT Company in Houston

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“This company was incredibly helpful! They were attentive to my needs and I highly recommend using this company for your IT problems!! Alex was the most genuine, helpful individual!!! BJ was great too. They were a life savor when we had technical difficulties within my company and they solved them promptly.“


Delaney Smith

“A few months back we interviewed many firms to take over our IT and found CITOC to be way above and beyond the others. I waited a few months to make sure they were as good as we thought and they certainly are! All good things to say!”


Lucy Goodman

“CITOC goes above and beyond. We are very happy with the service they provide us. They work very diligently to make our office run smoothly and efficiently. We highly recommend CITOC. Thankful we chose them above the others!” 


Joe Slimens

Why CITOC is Among the Top IT Companies in Houston

28 Years

As one of the most trusted Houston IT companies

29.43 Minutes

Average IT issue resolution time

CSAT rating for our information technology services company

Reliable Services From One of the Best Houston IT Companies

Managed IT Services

Avoid IT disruptions with a wide selection of services that support your business and its immediate needs with our ProActive Managed IT Services packages.

Cloud Services

Experience the benefits of cloud computing with services that include migration assistance, added flexibility, seamless data access, managed backups, and more.


Mitigate the latest digital threats with advanced cybersecurity, including dark web monitoring, next-gen firewalls, and support from our Security Operations Center.

IT Support

Get back to work faster with fast-acting technical support services from our Level 2 and higher engineers that feature a 29.55 minute average response time.

IT Helpdesk

Tackle IT issues as they arise with responsive services from an experienced helpdesk team that’s always ready to step in and assist you.

Network Support

Build and implement a robust network for your business with network support that covers architecture, cabling, security, wireless networks, and administration.

IT Consulting

Get the insight you need to make informed IT decisions with expert guidance, strategy development, planning, budgeting, custom roadmaps and more from a dedicated vCIO.

Professional Services

Go beyond the limitations of traditional managed services with project-based support and senior-level engineering for backups, firewalls, switches, and other IT projects.

IT Outsourcing

Ensure your critical technology management tasks are always in capable hands when you take advantage of our convenient outsourced IT services.

Foster Growth With One of Houston’s Leading IT Companies

Houston IT Firm

Get All the Services You Need From One of the Leading IT Firms in Houston, Texas

When you work with multiple IT companies in Houston , you risk inadequate support, unresolved issues, and inconsistent advice on business solutions.

At CITOC, we help you avoid these situations with our ProaActive Managed IT Services that offer long-term solutions to common technology issues.

Our services include:

  • Network support
  • IT support services
  • IT helpdesk services
  • Advanced cybersecurity
  • Executive-level IT consulting
  • Technical alignment based on best practices
  • Support from a Centralized Service Manager, Technical Alignment Manager, and vCIO

Mitigate Threats With Advanced Security From Our IT Company in Houston

Businesses headquartered in Houston are now more at risk for being affected by cyber attacks than ever before.

As one of the leading IT services companies in Houston, TX, we have the solutions you need to keep your business protected. 

Step up your protection with:

  • Dark web monitoring
  • Next-generation firewalls
  • Security awareness training
  • Network security and monitoring
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Antivirus and anti-malware protection
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) services
  • And more
Houston IT Company

Maximize Your Productivity With a Top IT Company in Houston

Start seeing results within 90 days with one of the leading Houston IT companies.
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Gain a Competitive Advantage With Expert IT Consulting and vCIO Services

When your business is ready to make critical decisions about technology, it’s best to have a trustworthy partner in your corner.

That’s why as one of the premier IT firms in Houston, we pair you with a dedicated Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO).

Your vCIO works alongside you and your senior management team to generate long-term success for your business with:

  • IT project management
  • IT planning and budgeting
  • Discovering new ways to maximize your ROI
  • Custom IT strategies and technical roadmaps
  • And more

Enjoy Complete Flexibility From One of the Leading IT Companies in Houston

When you partner with an IT provider, you should feel confident that you’re benefiting from high-quality services in every engagement.

That’s why we offer a 30-day guarantee for the services provided by our IT company in Houston.

If you are not satisfied with our services, you can give us 30 days’ notice to resolve the issue or terminate your agreement.

Unlike other tech companies in Houston, we focus on earning your business with dependable support services.

IT Company Houston

Frequently Asked Questions About Our IT Company in Houston

When I sign up with your IT company, what does the onboarding process involve?

Our structured onboarding process helps you see results faster.

The process consists of three steps:

  • 10 Days: Discovery
  • 30 Days: Checkpoint
  • 90 Days: Final Onboarding

Once the onboarding process is complete, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of working with one of the top IT companies.

How much should I expect to pay for support services from your IT company?

The cost for support can vary based on several factors, such as:

  • The size of your business
  • The complexity of your IT challenges
  • The services you need for tackling these issues

We help you solve all of your IT issues with our ProActive Managed IT Services package that features everything you need to get your business back on track.

How does your IT services company provide personalized support?

Calling for support and constantly getting transferred around does little to solve your problems.

That’s why as one of the premier IT companies in Houston, we give you access to a trustworthy team that is always ready to assist you.

You’ll work directly with a dedicated Technical Alignment Manager (TAM) and vCIO who ensure your business follows our 300 IT standards and best practices.

With your vCIO, you’ll get expert advice to maximize your investments, plan and budget for the future, and optimize your business for long-term success.

What services does your IT company provide to businesses?

You deserve top-quality managed services to propel your business forward. The good news is that our IT services company can get you there with:

  • Proactive IT support
  • Managed IT services
  • 24/7 helpdesk support
  • Advanced cybersecurity
  • Network support services
  • Professional IT consulting
  • And more

Maximize your productivity and performance today for a better tomorrow when you partner with one of the leading Houston IT companies.

Why does a business need cloud services and cloud computing?

Modernize your IT environment for maximum availability. As daily technological demands become ever-more pressing, Houston businesses like yours are turning to cloud computing services. At CITOC, we offer access to comprehensive cloud computing – covering everything from database storage and analytics to software and access frameworks.

With our cloud services, your business can scale without fear of a technological barrier. By partnering with CITOC, you can expect 24/7 location-independent access.
No matter where your employees are or when they want to access, our services give them direct entry to the datasets they need to excel in their jobs.
Embrace the cloud and see just how far your business can go.

How can your IT firm benefit my business?

As digital crime continues to surge to new all-time highs, there is currently nothing more important than ensuring your business has effective IT security. Especially considering the vast amounts of data that every business produces and stores, a breach in digital security can lead to the leaking of thousands of customer profiles and confidential documents.

Our effective IT solutions packages ensure total coverage for your business, creating comprehensive cyber defense systems that operate around the clock to keep your business safe. Our cybersecurity solutions give you a more effective level of security.

If you’re a business looking for IT security, we can assure you receive:

Confidential Networks: No matter what documents you need to keep private, our advanced cyber defenses will be ready to act. With a thorough mix of security threat detection and rapid threat elimination, we aim to keep the bad actors out of your environment.

Security Layers: The most successful security comes from creating multiple barriers as your defense.We’ll be able to offer full integration, creating layers of defenses and ensuring your business has walls built around it to enhance your security.

24/7 Defense: No matter when you need us, we’ll always be there, with our advanced security systems providing your Houston business an unbeatable level of care.

Why does a business need managed IT and IT consulting services?

Managed IT solutions will allow you to keep your business running 24/7, reducing downtime and ensuring that your team has all the tools they need to be as productive as possible. Without having to pay for a full-time on-site support staff you can take advantage of our industry experts at a fraction of the cost.

CITOC provides comprehensive managed professional IT service, with our team including world-class IT consultants and IT experts in everything from network support to cyber security. By transferring to our managed IT services, you’ll be able to ensure that your business has:

Total Network Management: We approach IT managed service holistically, conducting detailed diagnostic tests before defining an IT strategy for you. Instead of compartmentalizing different functions of IT, our team of experts will treat your systems on the whole, working to ensure you have the optimal technical experience when at work.

Increased Security: A central part of our technology solutions is to ensure that companies are protected at all times. No matter whether it’s night or day, our around-the-clock security force can monitor your systems and employ the most advanced threat detection and neutralization software that’s available. A completely optimized security solution is available to you.

Reduced IT Costs: Our team of IT experts is available 24/7 to assist you with your computing needs. Rapid resolutions means less downtime for your business. By fixing recurring problems, your team can then focus on your business. This high level of support is offered at a fraction of the cost of building an IT department of your own.

Protection icon

Modern IT Company in Houston, TX

Regardless of whether your data is stored on a physical server or in the cloud, it must be protected. Ransomware is one of the most serious attacks that a company can encounter and antivirus software is no longer good enough. CITOC offers the latest protection available for these types of attacks and more.

Next-generation security, including multi-factor authentication, is needed to prevent security issues in your environment. Our Houston IT services firm can provide you with strong IT security updates and prevention.

As a three-time Microsoft Partner of The Year, CITOC has demonstrated a proven track record in providing IT and cloud solutions based on Microsoft technologies to businesses in Houston, TX. CITOC is a recognized service provider by addressing each customer’s unique needs through a coalition of products, services, and solutions aligned with the Microsoft Business Framework. Additionally, CITOC demonstrated expertise across multiple areas based on rigorous assessments by Microsoft.

Our IT Company in Houston Provides vCIO as Part of Our Service

Does your company need a CIO? Let CITOC provide a virtual one.
A vCIO is a Chief Information Officer who helps manage your company’s IT strategy. A CIO formulates goals for the future of technology in your organization and implements them efficiently to get you where you need to be. The benefits of having a vCIO for your company are:

  • Cost savings
  • Increased efficiency
  • Risk reduction
  • Up-to-date technology
  • More productivity

You want to have the best systems possible. With a Houston IT firm on your side you can ensure that your technology is up-to-date and supporting your business goals without needing to hire an entire IT team or buy expensive software and hardware.

Houston Computer Firm

Why Clients Rely on Our Houston IT Firm

With years of experience as a Houston IT company, we’ve honed our strategy to focus on key IT service areas. In each of our partnerships, our team of expert technicians will assess our partner’s infrastructure, ensuring that we can provide help in the most effective way possible.

We currently offer the following central IT support functions:

  • Cloud services
  • IT Security
  • IT Consulting
  • Managed IT Services
  • IT Outsourcing
  • On-site IT Support

With valuable data being produced every single day and a range of online services at the disposal of every business, IT is the backbone of every company. Our refined IT services make sure that your Houston business gets the very best that we have to offer.

Computer Company in Houston

About Our IT Company in Houston

With over 25 years of experience, we’ve paved the way for IT services, helping hundreds of small- and medium-sized businesses thrive when it comes to technology. Our IT Company team has been active since 1995, with each new member bringing valuable experience to the team.

Every client we work with can expect unparalleled support services. We offer consulting on all of your IT network infrastructure needs, ranging from on-site IT service to network security planning and execution.

Contact us today for expert advice and innovative solutions from our IT company in Houston.