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CITOC is one of the top companies providing IT services in Houston to fit your business’s needs.

Providing managed IT services including: IT Support, IT Outsourcing, IT Security, Cloud Services, and IT Consulting.

Managed IT Services Houston

Managed IT

Managed IT solutions in Houston, TX that help organizations meet their objectives, reduce costs, and increase profitability and security.

IT Security

A range of cybersecurity services to ensure that the firm’s network and systems remain operational and secure.

IT Outsourcing

The transfer of information technology (IT) infrastructure maintenance and service responsibility to CITOC.

Cloud Services

Easy access to configurable services and resources without requiring any additional investment in hardware and infrastructure.

On-Site IT Support

On-site IT support is available when needed.

IT Consulting

Align your I.T. environment and initiatives with your company goals. Get help with security to protect your business. Work with our vCIO who will talk to you without “geek speak” about your concerns and issues with I.T.


“This company was incredibly helpful! They were attentive to my needs and I highly recommend using this company for your IT problems!! Alex was the most genuine, helpful individual!!! BJ was great too. They were a life savor when we had technical difficulties within my company and they solved them promptly.“


Delaney Smith

“A few months back we interviewed many firms to take over our IT and found CITOC to be way above and beyond the others. I waited a few months to make sure they were as good as we thought and they certainly are! All good things to say!”


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Great detail and explanation!

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AHI Supply

Always positive, listens to issues and tries to resolve quickly.

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Up-to-Date IT Security

Regardless of whether your data is stored on a physical server or in the cloud, it must be protected. Ransomware is one of the most serious attacks that a company can encounter and antivirus software is no longer good enough. CITOC offers the latest protection available for these types of attacks and more.

Next-generation security, including multi-factor authentication, is needed to prevent security issues in your environment. Our managed IT services can provide you with strong IT security updates and prevention.

Microsoft Partner

As a three-time Microsoft Partner of The Year, CITOC has demonstrated a proven track record in providing IT and cloud solutions based on Microsoft technologies to businesses in Houston, TX. CITOC is a recognized service provider by addressing each customer’s unique needs through a coalition of products, services, and solutions aligned with the Microsoft Business Framework. Additionally, CITOC demonstrated expertise across multiple areas based on rigorous assessments by Microsoft.

Virtual CIO (vCIO)

Does your company need a CIO? Let CITOC provide a virtual one.
A vCIO is a Chief Information Officer who helps manage your company’s IT strategy. A CIO formulates goals for the future of technology in your organization and implements them efficiently to get you where you need to be. The benefits of having a vCIO for your company are:

  • Cost savings
  • Increased efficiency
  • Risk reduction
  • Up-to-date technology
  • More productivity

You want to have the best systems possible. With a vCIO, you can ensure that your technology is up-to-date and supporting your business goals without needing to hire an entire IT team or buy expensive software and hardware.

IT Support Company Houston

What Does our Houston-based IT Services & IT Consulting Company Offer?

With years of experience as an IT support company working in Houston, we’ve honed our strategy to focus on key IT service areas. In each of our partnerships, our team of expert IT consultants will assess our partner’s infrastructure, ensuring that we can provide help in the most effective way possible.

We currently offer the following central IT support functions:

Cloud Services

IT Security

IT Consulting

Managed IT Service

IT Outsourcing

On-site IT Support

With valuable data being produced every single day and a range of online services at the disposal of every business, IT is the backbone of every company. Our refined IT consulting and managed IT services make sure that your Houston business gets the very best that we have to offer.
IT Support Company Houston

Why Does Your Business Need Cloud Services and Cloud Computing?

Modernize your IT environment for maximum availability. As daily technological demands become ever-more pressing, Houston businesses like yours are turning to cloud computing services. At CITOC, we offer access to comprehensive cloud computing – covering everything from database storage and analytics to software and access frameworks.

With our cloud services, your business can scale without fear of a technological barrier. By partnering with CITOC, you can expect:

24/7, Location-Independent Access

No matter where your employees are or when they want to access, our services give them direct entry to the datasets they need to excel in their jobs.

Embrace the cloud and see just how far your business can go.

IT Consulting Houston

Why does your business need IT security?

As digital crime continues to surge to new all-time highs, there is currently nothing more important than ensuring your business has effective IT security. Especially considering the vast amounts of data that every business produces and stores, a breach in digital security can lead to the leaking of thousands of customer profiles and confidential documents.

Our effective IT solutions packages ensure total coverage for your business, creating comprehensive cyber defense systems that operate around the clock to keep your business safe. Our cybersecurity solutions give you a more effective level of security.

If you’re a Houston, Texas business that’s looking for IT security, we can assure you receive:

Confidential Networks

No matter what documents you need to keep private, our advanced cyber defenses will be ready to act. With a thorough mix of security threat detection and rapid threat elimination, we aim to keep the bad actors out of your environment.

Security Layers

The most successful security comes from creating multiple barriers as your defense.We’ll be able to offer full integration, creating layers of defenses and ensuring your business has walls built around it to enhance your security.

24/7 Defense

No matter when you need us, we’ll always be there, with our advanced security systems providing your Houston business an unbeatable level of care.

Why does your business need managed IT and IT consulting services?

Managed IT support for your Houston business will allow you to keep your business running 24/7, reducing downtime and ensuring that your team has all the tools they need to be as productive as possible. Without having to pay for a full-time on-site support staff you can take advantage of our industry experts at a fraction of the cost.

CITOC provides comprehensive managed professional IT service, with our team including world-class IT consultants and IT experts in everything from network support to cyber security. By transferring to our managed IT services, you’ll be able to ensure that your business has:

Total Network Management

We approach IT managed service holistically, conducting detailed diagnostic tests before defining an IT strategy for you. Instead of compartmentalizing different functions of IT, our team of experts will treat your systems on the whole, working to ensure you have the optimal technical experience when at work.

Increased Security

A central part of our technology solutions for Houston-based companies is to ensure they are protected at all times. No matter whether it’s night or day, our around-the-clock security force can monitor your systems and employ the most advanced threat detection and neutralization software that’s available. A completely optimized security solution is available to you.

Reduced IT Costs

Our team of IT experts is available 24/7 to assist you with your computing needs. Rapid resolutions means less downtime for your business. By fixing recurring problems, your team can then focus on your business. This high level of support is offered at a fraction of the cost of building an IT department of your own.

IT Consulting through CITOC

With over 25 years of experience, we’ve paved the way for IT consulting, helping hundreds of small- and medium-sized businesses thrive when it comes to technology. Our IT consulting team has been active since1995, with each new member bringing valuable experience to the team.

Every client we work with can expect unparalleled support services. We offer consulting on all of your IT network infrastructure needs, ranging from on-site IT service to network security planning and execution.

Contact us today for expert consulting and innovative IT services in Houston.

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