Your Houston Virtual CIO

Considering if you really need a virtual CIO? Do you have problems with “geek speak”? Does talking about information technology make your head spin? Would you like to have another person to talk to that can explain in layman’s language the technology you’re using? CITOC provides you with your own part-time Chief Information Officer to help you understand what your technology does and how it helps you. As your business grows and technology evolves, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay ahead of the curve—especially without a dedicated vCIO.

VCIO Services in Houston

CITOC provides you one alongside its ProActive information technology package. This client-facing role offers support and guidance, particularly in the areas of directing and designing a cloud computing system, managing your IT security system, aligning your IT strategies with your business goals, and keeping you up to speed on advancements in the latest technology.

Benefits of Using a Houston Virtual CIO

A Virtual CIO service for your Houston-based company will not only oversee your technology infrastructure but also facilitate forward-looking IT growth and development.  And the benefits don’t stop there.


Rather than hiring your own in-house C-suite level official, you can enjoy all the benefits of a Virtual CIO along with your CITOC technology services.

In addition to saving you money on hiring, salary, and benefits, your CITOC virtual Chief Information Officer will also help create a workable budget for your IT department, potentially saving you money on third-party consulting services and furthering the cost-effective nature of their role.

Increased Efficiency

As part of their role , they remain current on your ongoing in-house goals to make sure the company is staying on track, particularly with your strategic IT goals.

Plus, by focusing on all matters related to technology, you and your team are free to focus your full attention on your own departments, maximizing efficiency for everyone in the equation.

Risk Reduction

Another responsibility is to monitor possible compliance issues and evaluate risk with an eye toward developing the most risk-avoidance systems and structures possible.

Cutting Edge Technology

As experts in their field, your Virtual Houston CIO can ensure that your business stays up-to-date on cutting edge technology, systems, and trends—from monitoring your managed cloud service provider, to increasing data security, ensuring regular file backups, and more.

Enhanced Productivity

Your CITOC CIO works with you to understand your overall goals. They will then develop a tech strategy and solution that best supports them.

With your tech well in hand, you and your team can fully focus your time and attention on your areas of expertise, leaving your Virtual CIO to do what they do best. In this scenario, everyone is free to enjoy maximum productivity.

What Is a Virtual CIO?

For companies that don’t keep a Chief Information Officer in-house , a vCIO oversees your IT department from offsite—providing leadership, troubleshooting issues, keeping you compliant, lending expertise on the latest tech, and forming strategies to help you meet your organizational goals.

In short, a Virtual CIO will make sure your technology not only works but also works best for you.

As part of your CITOC package, this could be just what you need to stand out in the markets and level up in your industry.

VCIO Services in Houston

Virtual CIO Service

At minimum, your Houston Virtual CIO will provide the following services:


They offer expert-level knowledge of the IT industry, what’s currently available, and which products and services are available at what prices. They will work with you to create an IT budget that works for you and your needs.

Developing a strategy plan

You know what you want. They know how the most current tech can help you get it done. They’ll strategize and create an actionable plan to get you from where you are to where you want to go.

Conducting business impact analysis

They can analyze your current systems, identify key loss scenarios, and put plans in place to develop recovery strategies.

Aligning IT to business goals

They work to ensure that your IT strategies are best serving the overall goals of your organization.

Holding quarterly meetings

At least once per quarter (but more often if needed), your virtual Chief Information Officer will lead quarterly meetings in which you can connect, debrief, strategize, and recalibrate your IT strategies when necessary.

CITOC’s Houston Virtual Chief Information Officers Work With and For You

As part of their basic job description, CITOC’s CIO will work directly with you to learn about your business, your needs, and your current pain points.

They also work for you, lending their expertise to provide practical and actionable steps to leverage your current IT systems and infrastructure, making the most out of all possibilities.

This liberates you to focus on growing your business.

The Complete Package

CITOC offers the complete package. Every single client we work with is assigned a Virtual CIO to help align your technology to your current needs.

With a virtual chief information officer on your side, you will never have to back away from your daily goals to grapple with the nitty gritty of IT security, cloud computing, or anything else tech-related.

WIth CITOC’s managed IT services overseen by your very own Houston Virtual CIO, you are free to focus on what you do best and let your CIO worry about the rest.

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