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Stay ahead in the competitive market with CITOC’s IT services, ensuring your technology supports your business goals seamlessly.

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Decrease Downtime & Increase Profitability With IT Services in Houston

Less downtime = more productivity = more profitability. Managed IT services complete part of the equation.

Reasons to choose CITOC as your IT services provider:

  • Receive IT support in under 30 minutes, on average, for any kind of IT issue, whether simple or complex
  • Get your service issues fixed within 30 minutes or less with help from expertly-trained service technicians
  • Help stop network issues before they happen with our 24/7 monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Helpfulness is our top priority and 92.5% of our surveyed clients agree.
  • Protect your data from emerging cyber threats with our proactive managed cybersecurity services

Don’t let downtime hold your team back. Choose CITOC for reliable managed services based in Houston, Texas and put an end to losing work hours to technical difficulties.

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IT Services in Houston

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Optimize Your Business Operations with
Our Managed IT Services

Migrating to a managed IT services company allows your business to keep its technology running optimally. With less downtime and more hours of active operation, your business will see increased profits, best-in-class productivity, and a more comprehensive layer of digital security.

Maximizing Business Efficiency with Our Managed IT Services in Houston, TX

Managed IT Services Houston

Hold on to your Existing Customers with A Flawless IT Reputation

Having a trusted managed IT service provider like CITOC managing your IT infrastructure is more important than ever.

A recent study on data security breaches revealed that a business will lose up to half its customers after they suffer a security breach. With client files, personal data, and financial information all stored on your company’s IT systems, a cybersecurity threat isn’t just targeting your business, but all the clients you work with.

CITOC’s recommended advanced security systems and protection ensures that you, your business, and your customers’ personal information can have state of the art security.

Boost Sales and Morale with Secure IT Practices

With clients fully aware of how their business data is stored securely in your server/cloud, you can be assured that we are looking after your best interests. Being confident that your IT is working on the company’s behalf boosts morale and sales. This helps your business become a leader in the industry by offering high-quality technology solutions and providing an exceptional value proposition to your clients.

A More Robust Managed Technology Network Overall

With technology at the heart of every business, downtime leads to a loss of profits and productivity. With 24/7 monitoring and support, CITOC offers a robust remote help system for your network, ensuring it’s in optimal health in terms of functionality and cybersecurity.

No matter the time or place, our team of experts will be available to deliver around-the-clock managed IT services to your business.

Key Features of Our Managed Services in Houston

Complete cloud infrastructure allows us to manage cloud computing with ease.

We can customize these IT support options for your managed technology by creating customized IT solutions designed with your business technology needs in mind. When technology isn’t being managed, it causes issues on a regular basis that range from simple to complex and from easy to difficult to fix.

From establishing internal networks to managing connections between business sites, our systems will handle the entirety of network-related tasks.
With a team of cybersecurity experts assigned to your case, we provide a comprehensive digital defense solution for Houston businesses.
Our IT management solution will make sure your technology is always running smoothly. Our team is capable of fixing any vulnerabilities we discover, creating an optimal system for your team to use on a daily basis. With continual monitoring, we are able to source the root of any weaknesses before they become a problem, reducing downtime and keeping your business online.
Every single client we work with is assigned a Virtual Chief Information Officer that will help align your technology to your business.
Each client has a Technical Alignment Manager assigned to them to ensure that their I.T. environment adheres to industry standards and best practices.

CITOC has managed IT support options available for companies that are tailor-made to your IT needs. Whether you need email management, computer management, or managed network monitoring services, we have the expertise to help you out while providing better-managed technology solutions than most companies can on their own.

We can customize these IT support options for your managed technology by creating customized IT solutions designed with your business technology needs in mind. When technology isn’t being managed, it causes issues on a regular basis that range from simple to complex and from easy to difficult to fix.

The MSP (Managed Service Provider) can make your organization and systems resilient to downtime by implementing rigorous processes and following best practices. This will reduce the risk of human errors and shorten response times so issues are corrected before end-users or customers are affected by them. Very often (the problem) lies not with technology but rather how it’s managed. If there is a disruption in network/systems, the following of proper procedures will allow for a quick restoration, if needed, without any significant interruption on business data or applications.

Different industries will have other technology set in place. As a company, you need to make sure the MSP you choose knows your system.

Here at CITOC, we are 100% confirmed industry-agnostic. In other words, we’re capable (and have done so successfully) of providing tailored IT services to any industry.

But with that said, here are just a few of the industries we have already worked with in the past: Manufacturers, Energy, and Professional businesses.

If managed IT for your Houston company is what you are searching for, our solution will take the worry out of IT for you.

Your business relies on your IT services to be up and running. Our 24-7 monitoring is intended to receive alerts when they are delivered so that our network engineers can analyze, escalate or remediate a problem as soon as it arises. Get monitoring for any critical systems for errors before they become disruptions to you and other businesses like yours! Our system monitors network traffic flow and switching/routing devices, which is intended to identify issues long before they have a chance of affecting your bottom line.
We have plans that we can put in place for your company based on your current technology. Every client gets the same great maintenance service and management that CITOC has to offer. Additional services can be had as add-ons dependent on your company’s needs. Review these services with our vCIO who is at your service.

How Can Our IT Solutions Benefit Your Business in Houston?

Outsourcing your IT management provides your business the unique possibility of receiving world-class IT solutions without having to pay for permanent IT staff. When faced with a new IT issue, instead of attempting to handle it in-house, you’ll be able to instantly turn to CITOC.

All of our team members go through training, bringing them up to speed with a range of advanced computing modules on everything from IT security to managed IT services. No matter what sort of IT solution you’re searching for, our team has years of industry experience from which to advise you with in just a matter of moments.

We provide a range of benefits that will help your Houston business thrive in the digital space. And regardless of whether it’s day or night, our team of experts are available to help you with your IT problems.

Reliable 24/7 Help Desk Access from Your Houston Managed IT Services Provider

Our Help Desk is available to our customers around the clock. If you need help you can get it.

Improved Security

With cybercrime steadily increasing year over year, digital security is a primary concern of your small business. With security options that are specifically tailored to your needs, CITOC’s managed services act as your first line of defense.

Network Management

Our IT network management allows us to take a holistic view of your company’s systems and networks. By assessing them as a whole and understanding how data is moved between your systems, we are able to stay on top of network issues.

Reduced Risk and Increased Security

As one of the leading IT providers in Houston, we understand the cyber risks currently affecting companies. By implementing a stringent web of security defenses, 24/7 remote monitoring, and rigorous threat detection software, we’ll be able to better defend your Houston business from online threats.

Email Security Administration

As one of the leading causes of security breaches, emails are more often than not the target of hackers. With CITOC’s recommended email security systems and training we help keep your team safe from viruses, malware, or phishing attempts.

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FAQs About Our IT Services in Houston

What factors influence the cost of managed IT services?

Managed IT services is a plan that is put in place for your company dependent on the number of personnel. CITOC will provide the most cost-effective outsourced managed technology services you can find by using a unique combination of technology, processes, and people.

How can managed IT services benefit my business?

Leveraging managed IT services is when a company outsources information technology services to a team of professionals. These outsourcing responsibilities include system maintenance, full-time team management, and support services to keep your systems up and running to maintain productivity.

Managing your own company IT in-house is expensive and a management headache for those who know very little about I.T.Outsourcing these tasks makes sense.

Not only does the organization save money, but you will also benefit by having a professional taking responsibility for the care and upkeep of your computing systems.

What services are typically included in managed IT packages?

Each managed services provider offers a different range of services, so it’s essential to look over your agreement carefully and make sure you have an agreed-upon understanding of what is expected. The following are a few examples of what CITOC offers in  managed IT services:

  • 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Network management
  • Security and risk mitigation
  • Help desk support
  • Data backup
  • Data Recovery
  • Cloud services and support
  • Virtual CIO
  • Technical Alignment and Standardization
  • Technical Roadmap and IT Budget
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Monthly Technical Alignment visits

CITOC has been providing managed IT services to Houston businesses since 1995.