Managed IT Services Houston

CITOC has IT experts on staff who are ready to assist you with IT needs. Our managed IT services can be tailored to your specific needs depending on the technology issues you’re facing and how to resolve them. Managed IT services is something that can breathe new life and opportunities into your business so technology isn’t a constant concern.

CITOC can be at your side when you’re trying to address issues, when servers or cloud applications need help, or during an emergency when network downtime will have catastrophic consequences if not resolved quickly.

Why Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services help companies simplify and streamline their technology.  These benefits all result from qualified IT experts providing IT services whenever needed, which is a higher level of service than most companies can do themselves. By keeping the company’s technology up and running as efficiently as possible, businesses have more profit, productivity and time to focus on their core competencies.  In addition CITOC’s managed services includes a strategic layer that focuses on improving profitability, productivity and reducing risk.

Increased efficiency and reduced time spent on managed technology issues.

Every company has different departments, yet one thing that companies should not worry about is the IT department. That is why most businesses outsource their IT.  It improves efficiency and cost savings. Many companies prefer third-party providers like CITOC.

Improved managed technology security for the company and its employees.

Security is always a concern for businesses.  The focus is always on keeping company information safe. Managed IT services help provide peace of mind to employees and owners alike by offering security options tailored to your needs.  CITOC’s Security has minimized client risk for years.  To date, none of the clients that use the full security suite have ever been hacked!

Better IT operations, resulting in better-managed technology performance overall.

Having an in-house IT department, you have to worry about the correct candidate to fill the open position. Frequently, you need to interview numerous candidates to find “that guy” with the right skillset and persona. Then, you have to worry about training them in all aspects of your technology, from basic computer operations to more complex business-oriented IT departments. With CITOC, an outsourced managed service provider (MSP), you relieve that stress.

We find the best IT candidates, train them in all aspects of technology operations, and have them ready to go. When they have completed their training, they can perform more effectively than someone trained internally, who would need months before operating at total capacity and have no growth path in your company. CITOC also provides faster responses than an in-house team due to our ability to respond 24/7, compared to employees who have set hours and standard breaks for the day. This means that in case of a critical issue with your technology performance, you can immediately receive help without having to wait until regular business hours. We have the tools and experience required to resolve your technology issues quickly, so you can get back to handling other important tasks at work.

An improved managed IT reputation can help attract new customers and increase business opportunities.

With clients fully aware of how their business data is stored securely in your server/cloud, you can be assured that we are looking after your best interests. Being confident that your IT is working on the company’s behalf boosts morale and sales. This helps your business become a leader in the industry by offering high-quality technology solutions and providing an exceptional value proposition to your clients.

A more robust managed technology network overall.

Having your network working at all times is vital for a company. Without it, productivity can lag and lead to significant losses in a business. New services can be developed and existing ones improved for better performance when the network is on point. Time is money, and wasted time can be the reason a company fails. Having an outsourced team like CITOC managing IT for you means we take responsibility for issues off your plate and keeping you working quickly, thus saving hours of productivity that you would have otherwise been missing out on. The second significant benefit of having a team manage your network is using their experience to help grow your business. Outsourcing IT means you have an entire team who has been in the trenches before, working with companies just like yours. The more we work with you, the better we understand what works, so when you are ready to expand or try something new, we can customize a solution just for you. This means less time and money spent, more profitability and productivity.

Service Desk Support

We provide IT service desk support, which is the backbone of the managed services model. The IT service desk support is where your company will interact with IT experts regularly.


Network Management System

We offer a managed IT network management system, which allows us to monitor, manage and repair all of your company’s computer systems from one location at all times. The network management system is set up so team members can always contact your systems no matter where you are located or what time it is. It allows us to know about your technology issues well before they become a problem, which means that downtime can be reduced when high-end managed IT services are in place.


Email Administration

We can manage your email accounts, so you won’t have to worry about someone forgetting their password and locking themselves out of their account. Having managed email accounts also means that the company’s emails will be managed by trained IT experts who are well acquainted with email management services.


Network Audits And Reporting

The managed IT network management system also allows us to run detailed managed technology audits and provide reports detailing your technology system. The managed technology audit report will be a handy tool for you to use when trying to determine where your technology can be improved.


Improved Productivity

One of managed IT services’ most significant benefits is that managed technology experts can deal with your technology issues, so you don’t have to. This results in better productivity overall for your company because CITOC will monitor and manage your technology at all times, which means there won’t be entire days or weeks spent working on technology issues when they arise.


Increased Security

If a professionally managed service provider like CITOC manages your business technology, there will be fewer security issues that arise. Many business technology issues stem from someone in the company not knowing how to manage their technology or not knowing up-to-date IT issues and how to prevent it from happening.


IT Support Options

CITOC has managed IT support options available for companies that are tailor-made to your IT needs. Whether you need email management, computer management, or managed network monitoring services, we have the expertise to help you out while providing better-managed technology solutions than most companies can on their own.

We can customize these IT support options for your managed technology by creating customized IT support solutions designed with your business technology needs in mind. When technology isn’t being managed, it causes issues on a regular basis that range from simple to complex and from easy to difficult to fix.

Reduced Risk

The MSP (Managed Service Provider) can make your organization and systems resilient to downtime by implementing rigorous processes and following best practices. This will reduce the risk of human errors, shorten response times so issues are corrected before end-users or customers feel them. Very often (the problem) lies not with technology but rather how it’s managed. If there is a disruption in network/systems, then follow proper procedures. This will allow for quick restoration if needed without any significant interruption on business data or applications.


IT Services for your Industry

Different industries will have other technology set in place. As a company, you need to make sure the MSP you choose knows your system. CITOC specializes in companies in the following industries: Manufacturers, Energy, and Professional businesses. From small to medium companies, we can provide the managed IT services to fit your needs.


24/7 Monitoring

Your business relies on your servers and the applications running in that environment. Our NOC (Network Operation Center) is monitoring performance 24-7, so if an alert is delivered, our network engineers will analyze, escalate or remediate a problem as soon as it arises. We use enterprise monitoring to monitor any critical systems every few minutes for errors before they become disruptions to you and other businesses like yours! Our system monitors network traffic flow and switching/routing devices, which identifies issues long before they have a chance of affecting your bottom line.

Our NOC team monitors the complex networks around the clock, ensuring everything runs smoothly without interruption while looking out for potential problems too small yet impactful enough to be disruptive down the road.

IT Service Planning

We have plans that we can put in place for your company based on your current technology. These managed service plans will help you save money and handle the technical issues in your company today. As not every company is the same, CITOC will provide service plans designed for your company’s specific needs.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How much do managed IT services cost?

Managed IT services is a plan that is put in place for your company dependent on the number of personnel.  CITOC will provide the most cost-effective outsourced managed technology services you can find by using a unique combination of technology, processes, and people.


What are managed IT services?

Managed IT service is when a company outsources keeping the network functional to a Managed Services Company. These outsourcing responsibilities can be anything from basic maintenance to full-time team management and care for the business’ technology.

Managing your own company IT has always been more trouble than it’s worth, especially with so many people available who are qualified and have experience working on all things technology! Outsourcing these tasks makes sense. Not only does the organization save money, but they will also benefit by having someone else taking responsibility for their computing systems that might otherwise go neglected or, worse yet, malfunction at some point down the line due to neglectful upkeep.


What is included in managed IT services?

Each managed services provider offers a different range of services, so it’s essential to look over your agreement carefully and make sure you have an agreed-upon understanding of what is expected. The following are a few examples of what is included in managed IT services:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Network security and risk mitigation
  • Help desk support
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud solution
  • CIO focused on profitability